Commonly asked questions regarding medical transcription service

  1. Why Solar Script Solutions International Inc?

    Our company covers the 3 most important aspect of medical transcription.  First, the security.  Our ASP provider provides 128 bit encryption that will guarantee the highest security.  Second, quality of report.  We have highly trained MTs and Editors with years of experience plus QA that will check the accuracy of each report.  Third, turn-around-time.  We strictly observe turn-around-time not exceeding the specified TAT given to us by our client.  We make sure we have more than the required staff to do and finish the job well.

  2. Accessability?

    Our ASP is very accessible and easy to use.  As long as you have internet connection or Wi-Fi enabled laptops, you can access your files and upload your audios anywhere and anytime you want.  You will be given a username and password to login to our server.  It is as easy as using your email.

  3. Rate?

    Our rates are flexible wherein you can apply for the plan that suits to your need without sacrificing the quality of your report.  Please check our plans.

  4. Support?

    Our ASP provider provides 24-hour technical support for any problems regarding the use of our server.  If you have concerns regarding our services our staff are more than willilng to answer any questions.  You can call or fax us in these nos. tel. (+63 32) 253-4598/fax. (+63 32) 412-4614 or email us admin@solarscriptsolutions.com.

  5. Security?

    (ASP) provides 128 bit SSL encryption so it will guarantee security of all data.

  6. Quality?

    We practice 3 layer transcription in our facility.  Meaning each report will be transcribed by our highly trained MT then be edited by our experienced Editors and finally will undergo accuracy check by our QA in the production facility.  This will ensure the highest quality a report can get.

  7. Fast TAT?

    We have 15 MTs, 4 Editors, and 2 QAs that can do more than 10,000 lines a day plus a backup staff of 5 MTs, 2 Editor, and 1 QA at our disposal to make sure we will not go over TAT.

Commonly asked questions regarding medical transcription service

Why Solar Script Solutions International Inc.






Fast TAT

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