Solar Script Solutions International Inc. is a high-quality provider of medical transcription service for healthcare providers.  Our company is fully committed to helping our clientele with their current challenges in document management and believes we can offer a capability that will position you to take full advantage of a streamlined and reliable medical records management.

Solar Script Solutions International Inc. has medical transcriptionists with years of experience doing a wide range of medical reports for different medical facilities in the US and Canada.

Our service encompasses fast turnaround time, high quality, HIPAA secure transcription services, and also cost-efficient transcription.

Our Company's overall approach to document management solutions is anchored on our capability to provide a consistently reliable, timely, and accurate service to all our varied clientele.  We offer a certain degree of flexibility to adjust to each physician's individual or customized requirements.  Solar Script Solutions International Inc. is deeply committed to save valuable physician time, improve health care provider access to patient data while reducing the total cost of managing patient documentation.  Our service commitment provides tangible value added service to our customers in terms of highly professional, on time yet affordable documentation required to deliver better health care, low-risk malpractice possibilities, and increase business efficiencies.  Solar Script Solutions International's long-term strategy is to fully automate the whole medical documentation processes for the ultimate benefit of our clientele, taking full advantage of the fast changing technologies in the IT world.  This will open vast new horizons and capabilities for you.


Our mission is to provide world-class quality transcription services and to provide our clients with a reliable and seamless service support system.  Solar Script Solutions International Inc. feels strongly that our company will always be effective and responsive if we remain dedicated to the concept that there is always room for improvement.  Every aspect of our business is examined continuously and made better whenever possible.  It is this dedication to excellence in every detail of our business that has brought us to the position we now hold.


The following values are fundamental to our mission:

  • Integrity and Teamwork
  • Value for Money
  • Passion for Customer Satisfaction
  • Empowerment of our Employees
  • Continuous search for Excellence

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